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September 4, 2010
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...say to the other damsel?

- Pass the pocketknife when you're done, eh?
- Did they try the Upper Arm Grab on you too? Man, what a bunch of nerds.
- Hang on, I'll just finish twittering...
- This trunk is surprisingly roomy.
- Man, this is some cheap tape this guy is using.
- Look, swiping a couple of uniforms and sneaking in by pretending to be newly-hired maids seemed like a good idea at the time. When are you going to stop giving me the silent treatment?
- OMG, I am TOTALLY crushing on our captor! Don't give me that look, I saw him first.
- Wait, is that bomb timer on a 12 or 24 hour clock?
- Argh! I can't get a single bar down here! Stupid discount cell plan...
- Why? Why did I opt out of gymnastics in high school?!?
- Geh. Ever since Daddy won the lottery, it's just been Kidnapping after Kidnapping, day in, day out...
- And yet, all I can think of is that essay that's due tomorrow I haven't even started yet.
- Okay, so when he comes back, I'LL distract him with the Puppy Eyes routine while you kick him in the crotch.
- Teehee, joke's on him! I know for a fact that these rails haven't been used in thirty years!
- Wait just a damned minute, he told YOU he'd make you his Evil Queen too?!? That two-timing rat bastard!
- I'll lay 5:1 odds any deathtraps we get put in involve live lobsters. Want in?
- I swear, the service in this restauraunt SUCKS.
- Sad thing is, this STILL isn't the worst Blind Date I've ever had.
- What would Nancy Drew do in a situation like this? ... *Starts wiggling around* "Oh, gonna have a good time tonight, gonna have a good time tonight~"
- So how 'bout this weather we're having, huh?
- Whaddya mean, you don't have a spare bobby pin? Oh, right, it's not the 1950's anymore.
- Ceci n'est pas une appelle au secours.
- I'll give him credit. Sure, he's going to lock us up in those sarcophaguses in a second, but at least he didn't make any jokes about us wanting our Mummy.
- Wanna make out while we wait? (....yeah...okay, maybe not ^^; -Phoby)
- Mmmmph, mmmh mmmh, etc. ad nauseum
Not sure if this is really a "skit", but it COULD be. Kinda.

It's all goofy, sure, but I just like to keep things fairly light-hearted, you know?

Oh, and special thanks to :iconlureda: for the inspiration~
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"Hey, don't worry, our captors are ladies too, I'm pretty sure that means we'll miraculously escape and tie them up."
XD Man, why didn't *I* think of that? Also, thanks for the watch earlier this year XD
That was very funny. I suppose that: "A good gag is worth a thousand Mmmphs!" applies here, as they definitely talk too much.
heheh. Those really are hillarious... I love the way you have to guess whats happening....
bondagewriter Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad at all. I got myself some laughs from this :D
Glad you enjoyed it~
Is it all conversation between to captives or a list of possibilities
No reason it can't be both, eh? :3
But seriously, I guess it COULD be all one conversation, but it's probably snippets from a bunch of different kidnapping situations. That said, "What did the captor say to the damsel" isn't a bad idea, either.

Thanks for the fave!
Thanks for the expo and no problem =)
random contribution...
-Did you feel that guys hands when he grabbed us?. When comes back in make a fuss, maybe he'll clamp them over our mouths again!
-*sigh* such broad shoulders and none of them thought to carry us on them...
-Well look on the bright side. They may have taped our chests together. But at least they didn't tape us into a lip lock. *VZIIIIP* ...oh damn.
*You know, I'm actually beginning to like getting chloroformed...
*Oh don't be embarrassed. I bet he thought that teddy bear on your panties was cute!
*Theth guyth sureth ahrm amathurs. Didn'th eben use stuffimmm
*pfffft, this is so unfair. If they were gonna strip us down to our underwear, they could have at least taken off their shirts!
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